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Religious and Moral Education BECE 1999 Objectives


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According to Christian teaching, God created man and woman on the

Palm Sunday is observed by Christians to remember the

God gave Noah and his people the rainbow to remember

All the religions in Ghana believe in

The Muslim prayers observed between Asr and Isha is

The Islamic practice where wealthy Muslims cater for the needs of the poor and needy is

Prophet Muhammed's twelfth birthday is important because

Muslim's last respect to the dead is by

Festivals are celebrated every year in order to

The burial of pieces of hair, fingernails and toenails of a corpse at his hometown signifies that

Mourners from the cemetery wash their hands before entering funeral house again to

Bringing forth children shows that man is

Among the Asante farming is not done on Thursday because

Which of the following months is also a special occasion on the Islamic Calendar?

The act of going round the Ka'ba seven times during the Hajj teaches

It is believed that burying the dead with money helps him to

Blessed are the merciful for they shall

Eid-Ul-Fitr celebration teaches Muslims to

The rite of throwing stones at the pillars during the Hajj signifies the

The essence of the Muslim fast of Ramadan is to

The animal which is proverbially known to make good use of its time is the

People normally save money in order to

Which of the following practices may cause sickness?

The water and wine or gin given to the child during naming ceremony signifies

The saying "tasty soup draws people to itself" means that

Which of the following is not a cause of Teenage Pregnancy?

Youth camps are organized purposely for the youth to

It is a bad habit to use one's leisure time in

Hard work is most often crowned with

One of the child's responsibilities in the home is to

Which of the following is not the reason for contributing money in the church?

The traditional saying that "one finger cannot pick a stone" means

Kente weaving is popular among the

One of the rights of the child is the right

Which of the following is not taught in religious youth organization?

Cleanliness is next to

"Train the child the way he should go and when he grows he will ......................."

To show regret for a behaviour means

A courteous child ...............

The traditional healer does not normally charge high fees because