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Religious and Moral Education BECE 2000 Objectives


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Christians, Muslims and Traditional worshippers believe that the world was created by

Which religion believes that God moved away from the earth because of the activities of humankind?

Which of the following attributes of God shows that He has the whole world in His hands

The third Islamic daily prayer is

Satan (Iblis) was cursed by Allah after the creation of man because he

To become a Christian, one must first

The revelation of the entire Qu'ran took

One of the religious values in celebrating traditional festivals is to

The pillar of faith in Islam which expresses charity is

Muslims pray five times daily in order to

The importance of naming ceremony is to

Which of the following is not a patriarch?

The festival celebrated by Christians in memory of the resurrection of Jesus is called

Which of these commandments carried with it a promise

A religious leader in Islam is called

Which of the following rites is performed to usher the individual into adulthood?

The blind man Jesus healed was called

The system by which a drink is poured to the gods and the Supreme Being is known as

Uthman B. Affan standardized the Qur'an in order to

The first book in the Bible is called

The payment of school fees and other bills is mainly the responsibility of the

One of the advantages of the extended family system is that

The importance of washing the hands before eating is to

You should not talk when eating because you

When greeting a chief, a man is expected to

Which of the following shows that one is improperly dressed

Human rights include all the following except

Rules and regulations in schools are there to ensure

One of the important aims of a youth organization is to

One way of helping to protect the environment from degradation is to

A child is said to be courteous when he

Which of the following behaviours can best be described as comportment

The best way to live in peace in a community is to

Conflicts in our society can best be resolved by

Love for our community should be part of our training so that we can

To be patriotic means

It is our moral responsibility to prevent the spread of cholera by

We show good manners when we

People are committed to each other in friendship when they

Giving out money or gifts to somebody to seek a favour shows that one is