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Religious and Moral Education BECE 2003 Objectives


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God created the sky on the

The saying "service to mankind is service to God" relates to which teaching of Jesus?

A teaching common to both Christianity and Islam on salvation is that, salvation is

Whose preaching ministry urged the Jews to bear fruits that befit repentance?

The Caliph Abu Bakr was referred to as Siddiq by Muhammad due to his

All those who took custody of Prophet Muhammad were happy with him because he

In the traditional society, rites of passage involve a

Which of the following best sums up the Ten Commandments?

God made a covenant with

Like the Jews, the Muslims also believe they are descendants of

By creating Adam and Eve, God was establishing the institution of

The importance of fasting in Islam is to

Which of the following persons knew God ‟face to face†?

The Hadith of the Muslims signifies the

Which of the following serve as intermediary to God during traditional prayers?

The main reason for the celebration of festivals is to

The rite of going round the Ka'aba seven times during the Hajj signifies

Traditional believers wear charms and talismans

Fishermen all over the country do not go to sea on

To the traditional believer the next in importance to the Supreme Being are the

The purpose of school rules and regulations is to

It is the responsibility of the child to

The basic role of the father is to

In the traditional society giving birth to children is considered as a

In a school's speech and prize-giving day, the best pupil is rewarded with a

When Fatimah and Mansah are committed to each other in friendship, they are prepared to

Anyone who enters a house is expected to first

The basis for describing some drugs as sedative is that they

The popular saying that ‟all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy† means Jack must

Teenage pregnancy mostly occurs between the ages of

The best way to become a committed Christian is to

The cutlass given to a boy at puberty signifies

One important objective of religious youth organizations is to

The following are methods of preventing teenage pregnancy except

People lead decent lives in order to

Good deeds are rewarded to

When we show regret for bad deeds done we

The importance of work is to help us to

A person is regarded as tolerant when the person is

Anyone who accepts responsibility for wrongdoing and is prepared to correct it is described as being