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Religious and Moral Education BECE 2004 Objectives


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According to the Holy Bible, God created the sun, moon and stars in order to

Joseph was hated by his brothers because

The patriarch described as a great man of faith was

Which of the following people was not a disciple of Jesus?

The Holy Qur‟an describes angels as creatures who

Which of the following acts in Islam promotes good neighbourliness, love and brotherhood?

The Muslim prayer observed after sunset is

"If you want to talk to God, you must talk to the wind". This traditional proverb means that God is

To the traditional believer, the change from the physical to spiritual life occurs through

The most important activity during the Odwira festival of the Akwapim is

In the book of Genesis the world was created in

All religions teach mankind to be steward of the earth and to

"There is no God but God, and Muhammad is the Apostle of God". This is known as the

The Prophet Muhammad is described as al-Amin because he was

During naming ceremonies the baby is given drops of water and wine to signify that he should be

The powerful god Penkyi Otu is associated with the

In traditional society, the dead is buried with money to ensure that the

God has no human face in

The snake as an animal was created by God to

The legendary Tsali performed his magical powers in and around

The nuclear family consists of

The environment can be protected from degradation by

Greetings are very important in

Work helps us to become

Good eating habits include

Money offered to influence a public officer over an important issue is

An Akan girl qualifies for puberty rites when

Leisure time is used for

The duty of a member of a community falls under

The most important prayer request during marriage rites is for

One joins a religious youth movement in order to

Which of the following is a responsibility of children?

Giving a good testimonial to somebody for his good deed is a

To live a life of obedience means being

The most important reason for celebrating the Homowo festival is to

Which of the following is not a cause of teenage pregnancy?

Substances that tend to relax the nerves and reduce stress are

The main purpose of punishment is to

Self medication means

A special right that puts a person in a better position is