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Religious and Moral Education BECE 2005 Objectives


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God commanded the earth to produce plants on the

In the creation story, God ordered Adam to

The three main religions in Ghana believe in

The Asafo companies are concerned with the promotion of all the following except

The Damba festival is celebrated to mark the

For a man to greet an Akan chief he must raise hands and bow down raise hands and pass by remove sandals and kneel down remove sandals and lower the cloth

Muslims throw stones during Hajj to

Prophet Muhammad's marriage with Khadijah enabled him to

The traditions of the Prophet Muhammad which form part of the Quran are the

Which of the following attributes of God is not manifested in the creation story?

According to the Qur'an, a proud person

The chief who offered himself to be sacrificed during the Ashanti-Denkyira war was

The Bible teaches that people in authority must be

The Janazah prayer is performed during Friday worship when a Muslim dies when a Muslim is traveling after the Ramadan fast

The Young People's Guild is an organization in the

The purpose of Salat is to enable a Muslim

The traditional belief that the child needs no one to show him God means

Abraham was known for his great faith because he

The tribes of Israel derived their names from the sons of

The transition between childhood and adulthood is termed

When one refuses to play with bad friends on the advice of parents, one is described as being

Putting one's interest above that of others results in understanding debate togetherness conflict

One disadvantage of the nuclear family system is that

There is dignity in labour. This statement means

Which of the following is not a peaceful way to ask for your right?

In Ghana people are said to lead decent life when they

Repentance leads to

Which of the following is not an appropriate reward for good deeds?

When people are committed to themselves in friendship they

Duties given by a senior to a junior are termed as privileges rights responsibilities authority

The term idleness in Religious and Moral Education means

Sex education in school is important because it

Which of the following drugs is most commonly abused

In which way can money help spread germs?

A child is described as courteous when he or she

Waiting and allowing things to happen at the right time shows

When we regret for a bad deed, we are showing

The statement time is money, implies that time is precious limitless life everything

Which of the following is a festival of purification for the year?

A patriotic citizen is a person who