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Religious and Moral Education BECE 2006 Objectives


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According to the Holy Bible, what was created on the second day?

The omniscience of God portrays Him as

The ninety-nine names of God can be found only in

Trial by ordeal is a traditional practice whereby a person is

Which of the following is a harvest festival?

Israel came out of slavery in Egypt under the leadership of

Togbe Tsali is remembered for

Zakat is the practice by which Muslims

The second Caliph of Islam was

God gave Noah and his people the rainbow as a sign of the covenant that

The main purpose of the Odwira festival is to

The teaching of Muhammad are found in the

A dead person is not regarded as an ancestor if he/she

The burning bush that Moses saw attracted him because

After the Isha prayer in the month of Ramadan, Muslims perform

One of the moral values revealed in the parable of the Good Samaritan is

Marriage has a good chance of succeeding if the

According to the Qur'an, the Torah was revealed through

According to Jesus, the poor in spirit are blessed because they shall

A common feature of traditional prayers is that

To lead a chaste life, one must

Talking whilst eating is not advisable because one may

Which of the following behaviours pollutes our environment?

Authority is instituted in the society to ensure

The most important requirement for a happy and prosperous life is

A member of the Catholic Youth Organisation (CYO) is called a

Which of the following behaviours best shows comportment?

The expression work and happiness implies one

Giving money to influence a public officer for something to be done for you makes you

Broken homes may lead to all the following except

The peaceful way of asking for one‟s rights include

One of the advantages of the extended family system is that

Repentance begins with

As a child, your duties include all these except

Dirges are sung during

Which of the following is not an example of a stimulant?

Humankind can learn a lot about the use of time from the

When a child develops the sense of responsibility he / she

Reformative punishment is aimed at

Boys and girls are to dress modestly and decently to show that they are