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Social Studies BECE 1990 Objectives


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A long narrow stretch of hills is called

Bugum is a festival of the

A line drawn on maps to show places of equal height above sea level is

In which of the following regions in Ghana is Boti Falls?

Alluvial Gold is found in

Ghana's Earth satellite sation is at

Which of the following shows the relationship between distance on paper and actual distance on the ground?

The Greenwich Maridian passes through

Which of the following Rivers flows into Lake Volta

Which of the following trees is not used as Timber?

What does the conventional sign on Ghana topographical maps stand for

Which of the following is not found in West Africa?

Which of the following is not a feature of relief?

If it is 12 noon at longitude 0°. What will be the time at a place which lies on longitude 15°E?

Which of the following is not a latitude?

An example of igneous rock is

Which of the following is not associated with rivers?

Rotation of the earth causes

Which of the following minerals in not mined in Ghana?

Alumina is obtain from

In Ghana deep shaft mining is generally associated with

The earth rotates on axis, spinning from

Which of the following is not an irrigation farming area in West Africa?

Which of the following countries in West Africa is a major exporter of groundnut?

Which of the following countries introduced Indirect Rule in her colonies in West Africa

The president of the Aborigine Rights Protection Society was

An imaginary line which divides the earth into two hemisphere is called the

At the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 the Europeans agreed on how to

An example of sedimentray rock is

The worlds largest producer of cocoa is

Which of the following is a tertiary occupation?

The original home of the Ewe was

Which of the following conducted the District Assembly Election in Ghana?

The bond of 1844 was signed between

Which of the following crops would you not thrive well in the Savannah?

The longest river in West Africa is

Use the Bar Graph below to answer Question37 to39
Which school scored the lowest mark?

What was the mark scored by school School C?

Which school won the competition?

When the republic of Liberia attained independence the people of Liberia adopted the motto