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Social Studies BECE 1992 Objectives


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The color used on maps for vegetation is

The molten rock beneath the earth's surface is called

The layer of gasses which surrounds the earth is known as

Which of the following is not an agent of erosion?

The conventional sign . 1000 on a map represents

The year 2000 is in the

A general pardon for offence against the state is known as

Which of the following towns in Ghana is well noted for the mining of diamonds?

The West Africa Examination Council (W. A. E. C) consist of

In which of the following regions is Lake Bosomtwi?

The highest mountain in Africa is

The official seat of government of Ghana is

Wine production from grapes is an important industry in

The Greenwich Maridian passes through

What type of rainfall is likely to ge experienced in the Cameroon Mountains?

The former capital of Gold Coast (Ghana) was

Mountain Ejuanema is located in the

Odwira is a festival of the

The Peduase Lodge was built by

Who was the President of the third republic of Ghana

Which of the following is not a man-made feature

The point where two streams meet is called

Which of the following is not a latitude

The common feature found along the lower course of a rivers a

The instrument used for measuring humidity is

Which of the followig is not considered as an environmental problem?

Which country uses Naira as her currency?

Which of the following is a killer disease among children?

Oral Rehydration Salts [O.R.S] is used to treat

Which of the following insects causes sleeping sickness in both man and cattle?

Where in Ghana is irrigation farming practiced?

Which of the following towns is not situated along the Volta Lake?

The common fish caught in lagoons of Ghana is

Most of the lakes in East Africa were formed as a result of the

Who are often called Peace Officers?

The Adomi Bridge is built on one of the following rivers

The Committee for the Defence of the Revolution (C. D. R) in Ghana was introduced by

When the civil war broke out in Liberia a peace-keeping force was sent there by the

Who led the 1948 boycott of European goods in the Gold Coast?

The most southern point of Ghana is