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Social Studies BECE 1993 Objectives


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The colour used for showing rivers and lakes on topographical maps is

Use the contour line above to answer questions 2 and 3
The vertical interval is

The landform shown is a

How many days does the earth take to complete its journey around the sun?

The revolution of the earth around the sun is the main course of

When it is 2:00 p.m at a place on longitude 0°, the time at a place on longitude 45° W will be

When the sun is overhead on the Tropic of Capricorn, area in the Southern Hemisphere experience

Which of the following is not a coastal landform?

A common feature found along the lower course of a river is a

Use the table below, which shows the temperature and rainfall figures recorded for town A, to answer questions 10-12
Climate Months JanFebMarAprMayJun JulAugSeptOctNovDec
Temperature °C 20 28 30 30 25 26 30 20 20 21 20 20
Rainfall (mm) 10 20 30 56 110 120 100 35 35 30 20 10
In which month was the hightest rainfall recorded?

The total amount of rainfall recorded for the was

The annual range of temperature was

Which of the following statements best describes the position of Ghana?

The main vegetation types found in the Northern parts of Ghana is

The hot dry winds that blow over most parts of Ghana during the hamattan are the

The most important export commodity for Ghana is

Which of the following minerals is not mined in Ghana?

The main cause of the formation of the Volta Lake was the

Which of the following may help solve the problem of forest destruction in Ghana?

The most popular mode of transportation in Ghana is by

All the big textile factory in Ghana are locate at

Which of the following do people belonging to the same ethnic group in Ghana have in common?

Which of the following is not associated with celebration of festivals in Ghana?

In the history of Ghana Yaa Asantewaa is noted for the

The Mamprusi in Ghana are believed to have come form

The Accelerated Development Plan of education was introduced in Ghana in 1951 for the following except

The second Republic of Ghana covered the period

The struggle for the independence of Ghana from 1951 to 1957 was led by

Who was the chairman of the Center for Civic Education in Ghana

The 1979 Constitution of Ghana was the

Trade between two countries is called

Which of the following Educational Policies emphasized the education of the girl-child in Ghana?

Most Lake in East Africa were formed as a result of the

There is a large population of white settlers in the highland areas of East Africa mainly because

Which of the following African countries is a leading producer of cotton?

Cotton is the raw material used in making

All the following are metallic minerals except

In which of the following countries is the system of apartheid commonly practiced?

Which of the following organizations was set up mainly to help solve the problem of hunger and disease in the world?

The U.N.O has all the following aims except