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Social Studies BECE 1994 Objectives


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The three main ways of expressing scales are linear, representative fraction and

Which of the following is a cardinal point of the compass?

The contour pattern shows a

The earth is a

The world's largest ocean is the

The Second Republic of Ghana covered the period

Which of the following is not an agent of erosion?

Coal often occurs in

The main reason for encouraging farmers in Ghana to produce more cocoa is to

Convectional rainfall is caused by

To determine the climate of a place, its weather records are studied for at least

The first capital of Ga-Adamgbe was

The name given to the temperate grassland in South America is the

Ocean currents which flow from the equator towards the poles are

The time in Ghana is different from the time in Nigeria because of differences in

Farms which specialize in rearing cattle for milk are

Which of the following is produced on a large scale in the Middle East?

Lumbering is difficult in the tropical rain forest regions because of

Which of the following is not a hard wood?

The most important fishing ground in the world is the

What is the cheapest source of power for large industries?

The Suez Canal links the Mediterranean sea to the

Sheep are reared for

Fruits are good sources of

The capital of the Ancient Ghana Empire was

The International Court of Justice is based in

Which of the following was not a British Colony?

The Governor of the Gold Coast during the 1948 riots was

The most industrialized country in Africa is

Attendance at school morning assembly is not compulsory for

The mother language of the people of Gyaman is

Which of the following is not an indigenous Ghanaian language?

In northern Ghana, chiefs are

International sporting activities are organized in order to

All the following are methods of preserving fish in Ghana except

The white settlers of South Africa introduced a system of government known as

The aspect of production concerned with the provision of services is

Which of the following diseases does not attack livestock?

Which of the following economic activities does not cause deforestation in Ghana?

The main duty of the police service is to