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Social Studies BECE 1995 Objectives


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Which of the following latitudes almost divides the African continent into two equal halves?

Which of the following is important in the manufacture of cutting tools?

Children under the age of five years should be immunized against all the following diseases except

The League of Nations was formed immediately after the

The main means of transportation in The Gambia is

The Asantes were led in a war against the British in 1900 by

If the time in Accra on longitude zero degree is 2:30 pm the time in Cairo on longitude 30°E will be

Which of the following is not a cereal crop?

Malnutrition among children often results in

Aluminium is obtained from

Which organ of the Organization of African Unity (O. A. U) has the highest authority?

The capital of the old Ghana Empire was

The United Nations Day is celebrated every year on

Which of the following areas in Ghana is most likely to experience relief rainfall?

The British Togoland joined Ghana in the year

Who was the Head of State of Ghana between 1954 and 1960?

The most important commercial crop in Ghana is

The Bond of 1844 was a peace agreement signed between the people of Southern Ghana and

The country which shares a common border with Ghana in the North is

The largest vegetation type in Ghana is

The coastal wind which blows from land towards the sea at night is called

The meeting point of two rivers is called the

Which of the following is a bad effect of heavy rainfall?

The Poll Tax Ordinance failed because the

Which of the following is not an element of the weather?

Which of the following is a secondary economic activity?

Which of the following types of timber is not found in the tropical forest of West Africa?

The most important mineral product of the Niger Delta is

Fish can be preserved in the following ways except by

Which of the following is not a main food crop cultivated in Ghana?

The last Governor-General of Ghana was

The first British governor to draw up a development plan for the Gold Coast was

Limestone changes under great heat and pressure to become

Who was the first Ghanaian chief justice?

The Headquarters of the United Nations Organization is in

The body that is working to prevent another world war is the

Which of the following cannot be considered as an environmental hazard?

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was formed in

At the United Nations Organization, veto power is used by the

Cotton is the main raw material used in making