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Social Studies BECE 1997 Objectives


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Our environment is made up of

Protection of the environment in Ghana must be the responsibility of

The first Ghanaian member of the legislative council was

The main duty of the police in a community is to

A model of the earth is called

Latitude normally marked zero on maps is called the

Latitudes and longitudes are used to

A teacher explained to his class that Kete Krachi is sited at the meeting place of two rivers. Kete Krachi can therefore be described as

An escarpment has

Latitude 66.5° South is also known as

Use the contour diagram below to answer questions 11, 12 and 13
The feature marked A in the diagram above is a

The feature marked B in the diagram can best be described as a

The diagram represents a

The South-Western corner of Ghana has rains throughout the year because it is mostly influenced by the

Which of the following vegetation types cannot be found in Ghana?

The Asante were in 1900, led to war against the British by

The people of Ghana were freed from Colonial rule on

Kofi is a Member of Parliament, he therefore contributes to

The main purpose of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is to

The body that is working to prevent another world war is the

The leading producer of gold in West Africa is

The Jos Plateau in Nigeria is noted for the production of

Which of the following prevents desertification?

The first republic of Ghana covered the period

The Education Act of 1961

The settlement often described as the industrial city of Ghana is

Cape Verde Island is found off the coast of

The Poll tax ordinance failed because the

All the following are weekly newspapers in Ghana except the

The official seat of the government of Ghana is the

The Meteorological Services Department deals with

General Pardon for offences against the state is

Which of the following towns is well noted for Manganese mining?

Laws for the country are made by

The liquid rock beneath the earth's surface is called the

On the maps, the sea is normally shown with the colour

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) is made up of only

The Danes defeated the Anlos in the

The festival of harvest of the people of Navrongo is known as the

The Mediterranean lands are well known for the production of