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Social Studies BECE 1999 Objectives


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Which of the following shows the relationship between distances on paper and actual distance on the ground?

1cm to 1 km expressed as representative fraction is

The earth rotates on its axis, spinning from

An imaginary line which divides the earth into two hemispheres is called the

Which of the following instruments is used for showing direction?

The difference between the highest and lowest temperature recorded of a place during the day is called the

An example of a sedimentary rock is

The original home of the Ewes was

Ghana became a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations in

The Dagombas are descendants of

Which of the following festivals is associated with fire display?

A major tributary of River Volta is the

Which of the following towns in Ghana is important for mining of bauxite

In which of the following regions in Ghana is the Akosombo Dam?

The first castle was built in Ghana in 1482 at

All the European powers left the Coast of Ghana by 1872 except the

The capital of British Gold Coast was moved from Cape Coast to Accra in

Sources of revenue for District Assemblies in Ghana include

A major cash crop to West Africa is

The most westerly point in West Africa is Cape

Who is the head of the judiciary in Ghana?

Maintenance of law and order in the village community is enforced by

Foreigners in Ghana enjoy all the following rights except that of

Environmental pollution is caused by all the following except

The farming practice, which combines crop cultivation and animal rearing, is called

The tropical rainforest region of West Africa is important for the production of

Desertification is caused by

Countries in North Africa are noted for the production of

The Prairies of USA is important for producing

The highest court in Ghana is the

The great pyramids of Egypt were built as

Vaccines used in Ghana for the immunization of children are supplied by

The main organ of the United Nations Organizations (UNO) is the

Which of the following animals was mostly used during the Trans-Saharan Trade?

Bush fires occur very often during the

The common fish caught in the lagoons of Ghana

The insect responsible for spreading sleeping sickness is

Which of the following is important in the manufacture of cutting tools?

Children under the age five years should be immunized against all the following except

The Organization of Africa Unity (O.A.U) is made up of only