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Social Studies BECE 2001 Objectives


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When the scale of a map is expressed as 1:50,000 it is known as

The sun is vertically overhead on the Tropic of Cancer on

All the following cultural practices are out of date and cruel except

The symbol shown on topographical maps represents

What will be the time on longitude 45° East when it is 9:00 am on longitude 15° East?

What is the name given to the area lying between the Tropic of Cancer and latitude 66 ½ ° North?

Limestone changes under great heat and pressure to form

The cool winds that blow from the sea to the land during the day are referred to as

When the needle of a compass is at rest, it points to the

Which of the following rocks are formed from magma?

Places which experiences equal days and equal nights are located along the

Ghana approximately lies between latitudes

In Ghana, the South-West Monsoon winds blow between

The Kingdom of Mamprugu was founded by

The Asante king who first brought the states together to form a union was

Which of the following is not a function of the Police Service ?

The Accelerated Development Plan of Education was drawn up in 1951 by the

The British first came to the Gold Coast as

The battle of Akatamanso was fought in

The last Governor-General of the Gold Coast was

Which of the following can be described as a secondary activity ?

Otumfuo Opoku Ware I ruled the Asante kingdom after the death of

Which of the following rivers flows along part of the western boundary of Ghana ?

The leaders of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) were imprisoned because of the

Freed slaves sent to Liberia were from

Which of the following was an empire in Western Sudan ?

World Food Day is celebrated each yeazr on

Which of the following is not an organ of the United Nations Organization (UNO)

The headquarters of the League of Nations was in

The old Ghana Empire was finally conquered by

Which of the following rivers flows into the Atlantic Ocean ?

Dakar is to Senegal as Nouakchott is to

The mahogany tree is mostly found in the

Sisal is used in the manufacture of

The leading producer of copper in Africa is

Which of the following longitudes almost divides Africa into eastern and western halves?

Preservation of fish can be done in the following ways except

The swollen shoot disease affects

Water pollution is caused by all the following except

Inter-schools sporting activities are organized to