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Social Studies BECE 2002 Objectives


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Which of the following shows the relationship between distance on paper and actual distance on the ground?

The temperature of your classroom can be measured with

A teacher explained to his class that Kete Krachi is sited at the meeting place of two rivers, Kete Krachi can therefore be described as a

A model of the earth is called

On June 21st, the sun is directly overhead at noon at the

What name is given to molten rock that reaches the surface of the earth?

The greatest contribution of the Christian missionaries to Ghana is

Which of the following imaginary lines on map helps to determine time?

The part of a highland that projects into a lowland is a

Which of the following climatic regions is not found in Ghana

The people of Gonja migrated to their present home from

Kofi is a member of parliament. He therefore contributes to

The birds in the Coat-of-Arms of Ghana are

Which governor developed the railway line from Dunkwa to Awaso?

General elections held in Ghana (Gold Coast) in 1956 ushered Ghana into

In which Republic was Dr. Hilla Limann president of Ghana?

The seat of government of Ghana (then Gold Coast) was removed from Cape Coast to Accra in

In which of the following regions in Ghana is the Akosombo Dam?

The Coussey Committee was set up by

The secretary of the Aborigines Rights Protection Society was

Which of the following festivals is associated with fire display?

The first chairman of the United Gold Coast Convention was

The Chairman of the Centre for Civic Education in Ghana before 1969 was

The insect responsible for spreading sleeping sickness disease is

The earth revolves round the sun on its

General pardon for offences against the state is

Which of the following rivers does not flow into the sea?

The title of the paramount chief of the Dagomba is

Bakatue festival is celebrated by the people of

Which of the following West African countries is the leading producer of cocoa?

Freetown was found by ex-slaves from

In which of the following countries was the practice of racial segregation not prominent?

The farming practice which combines crop cultivation and animal rearing is called

The United Nations Organization (UNO) is administered by the

In which country does the River Nile enter the sea?

The League of Nations was formed soon after the

Which of the following countries is not a frontline state to South Africa?

The main purpose of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is to

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) is made up of only

The African Union is a new name to replace the