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Social Studies BECE 2003 Objectives


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Countries in North Africa are noted for the production of

Using a scale of 1:100,000 find the actual distance between two towns which are 4.5 centimetres apart on a map

The revolution of the earth results in

The most suitable physical feature for the construction of a dam is a

A football match between Ghana (Longitude 0°) and Nigeria (Longitude 15°E) start in Lagos at 4 o'clock pm. At what time will the telecast of the match start in Ghana?

Which of the following is a chemically formed sedimentary rock?

Axim in the Western Region of Ghana is influenced by the

The following are instruments used in measuring the elements of the weather and climate except

How many times in a year is the sun vertically overhead at the equator?

The conventional sign shown on a topographical map refers to a

Which of the following groups is not Ga-Adangme?

The beast of burden which was used to increase the volume of the Trans-Saharan Trade was the

The insect responsible for spreading river blindness is the

Which of the following ethnic groups celebrates the Kundum festival?

People running away from Liberia because of the war to stay at Budumburam near Accra become ............... in Ghana

Government of the people, by the people and for the people is referred to as

Until independence the Coat-of-Arms of the Gold Coast (Ghana) was

Ghana's earth satellite station is located in Greater Accra region at

Gold in ancient Ghana was mined at

Which of the following agencies cater for the welfare of women and children in the country?

The Gonja under the leadership of Ndewura Jakpa migrated from

Which of the following personalities was not a member of the Convention People's Party

The Fante Confederation agreed to have an assembly at

Which of the following was the immediate cause of the 1948 disturbances in Ghana?

The first political party which was formed in Ghana in 1947 was the

The Aborigines' Rights Protection Society was formed in the Gold Coast to protect

Which of the following is not an ethnic group in Ghana?

The date AD 1852 falls within the

Which of the following political parties advocated for federalism in Ghana in 1957?

All the following people inherit patrilineally except the

The Second World War was fought between

Which of the following countries is the largest producer of rice in the world?

The leading producer of coal in Africa is

The only country in West Africa which did not come under colonial rule is

In which of the following countries is Lake Nasser located

One of the reasons for the partition of West Africa by the Europeans was to

Non-permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UNO) hold office for a period

Which of the following minerals is non-metallic?

Harvested food crops are best preserved in

Which of the following organizations was the first to be formed?