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Social Studies BECE 2004 Objectives


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An effect of slavery on Africa was that it

The first Europeans to arrive in Ghana in 1471 came from

The claim that the ancestors of the Akan migrated from Ancient Ghana is mainly based on

The Fon and Aja of the Republic of Benin are closely related to the

Evidence of Mamprusi origin is obtained during the Damba festival from

Unity among ethnic groups in Ghana can be promoted through

Badu saw a man throwing a ten-thousand cedi note into a grave. What has this person done?

Forts and castles were built purposely by the early Europeans for

Which of the following ethnic groups in Ghana trace their origin from Ile Ife in Nigeria?

The Asante Kingdom was colonized by the British through

The Volta Region before World War I was a colony of

People from various ethnic groups are found in the cities of Ghana because of

Writing a bill into a legal language is done by the

If Musah wants a new law to be made against armed robbery whom will he contact?

The constitution of a country is endorsed by the people through

The demand for 'self government now' was made in 1949 by

Government revenue for developmental projects is raised mainly through

The principle of separation of powers prevents

Which of the following should be identified as the major causes of ethnic conflicts in Ghana?

(i) Chieftaincy disputes
(ii) Land disputes
(iii) Cultural similarities
(iv) Struggling for contracts

On which of the following occasions is the parallel culture of prayer not demonstrated in Ghana?

Science education is very important in schools because it

An administrative clerk at the Ministry of Education is a

Which of the following may not be considered in finding one's direction home, when one's way is lost in the forest?

Bawku is located north-east of

A good layout of a settlement includes all the following except

Which of the following minerals can be used to improve upon the fertility of the soil?

Which of the following countries is within the same time zone as Ghana?

The Prairie Provinces in Canada produce the raw material for making

Ghana is not economically independent because of her

Low savings by Ghanaian workers is mainly due to

Efficiency of the labour force is achieved through

Which of the following tertiary industries is a leading foreign exchange earner in Ghana

Productivity in agriculture can be increased in Ghana through

Which of the following business enterprises is privately owned?

Productivity in the Public Service is low because of

Ghana receives loans and aid from the World Bank because of its membership of the

The Voluntary Service Overseas is associated with the

Which of the following countries has the least per capita income?

The Chief Justice of Britain who made the slave trade illegal was

The most effective way of solving the socio-economic problems of the modern world is through the application of