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Social Studies BECE 2005 Objectives


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The Trans-Atlantic slave trade increased in volume because of the

Which of the following values ensures peaceful co-existence among ethnic groups in Ghana?

The Akan originally settled in the basin of River

A constitutional obligation which ensures peace and harmony in Ghana is for the citizens to

The location of an object measured in degrees is known as

Which of the following is an abuse of human rights in Ghana?

The Mole-Dagbon ethnic group migrated from

Ethnic conflicts must be avoided because they slow down

The first castle school opened in Ghana was at

Which of the following factors encourages rural-urban migration in Ghana?

I. Fewer job opportunities in rural areas
II. Fertile soils in the rural areas
III. High prices of farm produce
IV. Higher educational institutions in urban centres

The direction of Yendi from Tamale on map of Ghana is towards the

Which mineral is mined in the basin of River Birim in Ghana?

Ghanaian culture can be made dynamic in the rural areas through

Which of the following are rights of a citizen in Ghana?

I. Protection of one's life
II. Payment of taxes
III. Protection of public property
IV. Personal liberty

At the district level, an assemblyman is equivalent to a

The poll to determine whether British Togoland should join Ghana or not is known as

An important town in the Sudan Savanna zone of Ghana is

In which of the following highlands is the River Volta gorge located?

Environmental degradation in Tarkwa and Prestea is mainly due to

A bill passed by parliament becomes law when the President gives his

A constitution is important for a country because it

One way of raising the per capita income of Ghana is to

A nation is self-reliant when she

Ghana is described as a developing country because she has a high

In which of the following combinations of labour and output is productivity highest?

If Nigeria's time is one hour ahead of that of Ghana, then Nigeria is

The high boundary line which divides the flow of rivers in opposite directions is called

The largest delta along the West Coast of Africa is that of the

The amount imposed on Ghanaians under the Poll Tax Ordinance was

Which of the following types of vegetation is not found in Ghana?

All the following locations in Ghana are important for salt mining except

Socialization of the child begins

The 1992 Constitution of Ghana was given public approval through

Parallel cultures in Ghana are seen in the institution of

Which of the following vegetation zones is most suitable for the cultivation of maize?

The rock suitable for the construction of roads i

If a person suspected of being a thief is beaten up by a mob, he is denied the right to

The central government supports District Assemblies through

Which of the following institutions is most useful in the provision of social amenities in Ghana?

The main function of the executive organ of government is