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Social Studies BECE 2006 Objectives


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The slave trade became largely unprofitable from the early 1800's due to

The migration routes of the Guan are traced to an area around the

Which of the following workers are involved in primary production

The Sagrenti War of 1874 was fought between the

The symbol of political authority among the northern people of Ghana is the

The most common way of becoming a citizen of a country is by

The Foo festival is celebrated by the people of

Conflicts in our schools can be solved peacefully through

Which of the following professionals are associated with the legal system in Ghana?

The hardest mineral is

Latitude 23 ½ ° South is also known as

If Afua Asantewaa is a judge, then she contributes to

Which of the following festivals has helped to conserve wildlife?

One of the causes of desertification is

Widowhood rites practised in Ghana should be abolished because

The diagram above illustrates the

In which of the regions in Ghana is the Akosombo dam located?

The guinea worm disease affecting the rural areas can be prevented through the provision of

Which of the following Ghanaian heads of state passed the Preventive Detention Act?

A draft law is also known as

Which of the following is an example of sedimentary rock?

Which of the following cultural practices undermines girl-child education in Ghana?

The township of Asuabena has an aged population of 1,000 and a youthful population of 4,000. Which of the following amenities should be given the highest priority?

An imaginary line that divides the earth into two hemispheres is called the

The bilateral co-operation between Ghana and Nigeria helps Ghana to import one of the following

Which of the following institutions can make laws to check smuggling and armed robbery in Ghana?

In which vegetation zone is an oasis found

Which of the following state-owned enterprises is most vital to Ghana's development?

Industrial areas are sited outside residential estates because

Which of the following political events occurred first in the history of Ghana

The prairie provinces in Canada are noted for the production of

Argentina is one of the major producers of

Which of the following factors least affects vegetation in Ghana?

The Ashanti came under British colonial rule through

Which of the following was formed in the year 1947? The

Which of the following is a continent as well as a country?

To become a member of the United Nations Organization, a country has to

Foreigners in Ghana enjoy all the following rights except that of

The rotation of the earth on its axis causes

Which of the following factors help a nation to develop?
I. Internal peace and security
II. Participating in international games
III. A healthy economy
IV. A large population