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Social Studies BECE 2007 Objectives


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Peace, as one of the reasons for the migration of our ancestors to modern Ghana, cannot be sustained, if we promote

The original home of the Dagbon people is the area around

The Trans-Atlantic trade was discredited with the sale of

The colonization process in the Gold Coast included all but one of the following:

Before World War 1, Togoland was a colony of

Which town is regarded as the spiritual home of the Fantes?

The first Europeans to arrive at Elmina in the fifteenth century were the

Fetu Afahye is celebrated by the people of

The first secondary school to be established in Ghana is

A major source of air pollution in the cities of Ghana is

Democracy refers to the government of

Who presides over debates in the Parliament of Ghana? The

The most economical way to dispose of domestic and industrial waste is

One example of an outmoded cultural practice in Ghana is

The shared values which will promote unity among Ghanaians is

Which of the following rock types is formed in layers?

The type of rainfall which is mostly experienced in mountainous areas is

The highest judicial officer in Ghana is the

Which of the following minerals is not mined in Ghana?

The belief in witchcraft is based on

One of the advantages of a good layout is that

Which country lies West of Ghana?

The highest point in the Akwapim-Togo ranges is

Productivity in Ghana can be increased through the use of

Which of the following is the lowest level of decentralization in Ghana?

The vegetation found in the northern part of Ghana is called

A map is drawn to the scale of 1:1,000,000. Find the actual distance between two towns, Dogo and Daga which are 5.5 cm apart.

One of the ways of ensuring sustainable development is to

Which of the following institutions of government protects the liberty and rights of the people? The

Which of the following is a human resource?

The territorial waters of Ghana are protected by the

Longitude 0° is referred to as the

Ghana makes great contributions to the United Nations Organization (UNO) through

Which of the following Ghanaian rivers does not flow into the sea?

Which of these economic products is found in the savanna zone?

When Ghana co-operates with neighbouring countries, it results in

When the wet bulb and the dry bulb thermometers at the weather station record the same reading it means the air is

The revolution of the earth results in

National development can be sustained when it involves the

Primary production contributes to the development of Ghana in two of the following ways:
  • supplies raw materials
  • provides services for manufacturing
  • ensures the flow of money for trading
  • provides employment for many people