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Social Studies BECE 2008 Objectives


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The primary reason for the arrival of the British to the Gold Coast was to

According to oral tradition, the Ga-Adangbe migrated from

The first missionaries to introduce secondary education in Ghana were the

Which of the following is a duty of a citizen?

The meeting of warm air mass and cold air mass causes

Peaceful coexistence among the ethnic groups in Ghana is important for

Which of the following was established to find the causes of the 1948 riots?

The main reason for the transatlantic slave trade was that

Which of the following is used to teach good morals in a traditional society?

The practice of multiparty democracy in Ghana tends to promote

The basic institution that helps an individual to learn the moral values of the society is the

Which of the following cities does not experience the Mediterranean type of climate

In Ghana, state-owned enterprises are important because they

A set of rules by which a country is governed is referred to as

The human resource of a country refers to the

The longest latitude is known as the

Which of the following is a tertiary economic activity

Rocks which are formed in layers are called

Barometer is an instrument for measuring

The main purpose of the Bond of 1844 was to

The efficiency of labour can be increased if

Which of the following types of rocks is suitable for road construction?

One major cause of poverty in Ghana is

The last Governor-General left the country when Ghana

What type of vegetation is associated with cold deserts?

The moon is a satellite of

The District Assemblies perform all the following except to

Peaceful coexistence among individuals in a society can be promoted through

Which of the following natural resource is being over-exploited in Ghana?

Kobine is a festival celebrated at

The state supports private businesses because they

An individual whose rights have been infringed upon seeks justice from the

The time in Accra on longitude 0° is 8 am. What is the time in Cairo on longitude 30°E ?

The Cape Coast castle is a valuable national asset because it promotes

The main work of members of parliament under Ghana's 1992 Constitution is to

Ghana cooperates with other nations mainly to

Which of the following constitutes human rights abuse?

"Positive Action" proposed by Nkrumah in 1949 was a call for

The area with the highest amount of rainfall in Ghana is

Laws made by the District Assemblies are called