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Social Studies BECE 2010 Objectives


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Human activities are generally controlled by

The Kakum Forest in Ghana promotes economic development through its

Irresponsible adolescent behaviour usually results in

Ethnic groups in Ghana are distinctly identified by their

The crop types which grow well in the Guinea Savanna are

The health needs of people can be improved by

The British colonized parts of the Gold Coast largely through

The outermost part of the earth is called the

The Europeans came to the Gold Coast purposely to

The adoption of modern cultural practices enables a society to

The use of orthodox and traditional medicine for the treatment of the same disease is an example of

Water bodies on a physical map are represented by

The earth experiences equal day and equal night each year on

Which of the following is a regional capital in Northern Ghana

Which of the following towns is noted for the production of gold in Ghana?

Free vaccines used for immunization in Ghana are supplied by the

The main effect of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade is the reduction of

Governor Gordon Guggisberg is known to have established the

The main institution that helps the Executive arm of government to implement its policies is the

The West Coast of Africa is washed by the

Private businesses can contribute to the development of the nation by

Floods can best be controlled in our communities through

One effect of colonization is that it made Ghanaians to

Ghana co-operates with other countries to

The functions of a presiding member of a District Assembly are likened to those of the

The world is divided into Northern and Southern Hemispheres by the

Relief rainfall is also known as

The Head of State is Ghana from 1957 to 1960 was

The Supreme Court of Ghana mainly

Daboya is noted for the mining of

Which of the following is the best way of conserving Ghana's forest cover?

If a distance of 40 kilometres on land is represented by 10 centimetres on a map, what is the scale of the map?

Slaves who were sent to the West Indies worked on

The practice of checks and balances prevents

Motivation and supervision help in the efficient use of

The basic way of promoting savings habit among children is by

A credit union is an example of a

The regular payments which individuals and organizations make to insurance companies are

Indiscipline is a problem to the Ghanaian society because it

Tourism in Ghana promotes the growth of the