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Social Studies BECE 2011 Objectives


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The purpose of naming ceremonies in traditional Ghanaian homes, is to

Which of the following officials are not elected through general elections in Ghana?

Festivals are important in Ghana because they enable the people to

The instrument used in measuring the rate of evaporation is

In which vegetational belt is Ghana's cocoa mostly grown?

Equal hours of day and night are experienced in Ghana when the sun is overhead on

One of the aims of the African Union (AU) is to

The eagles in Ghana's Coat of Arms signify

The head of government of the second Republic of Ghana was the

Which of the following oceans lies between Africa and America?

Ghana can minimize the importation of goods mainly by

An important source of locally generated revenue for District Assemblies in Ghana is

Indecent dressing among the youth should be discouraged because it

The Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) in Ghana is responsible for resolving problems relating too

Ghana's high indebtedness to foreign countries can be reduced by

One major reason for the migration of ethnic groups into modern Ghana was the search for

Laws are mainly made to ensure

Public corporations are set up by the government mainly to provide

The most important factor that can help improve productivity in state enterprises is

Floods in our communities can best be controlled through

The interpretation of the constitution of Ghana is a function of the

Free movement of people, goods and services is one of the main aims of the

Industries must be located outside residential areas to

Which of the following vegetation types experiences high temperature and heavy rainfall throughout the year?

The state can promote the growth of private enterprises by

When the scale of a map is expressed in the form of a ratio, it is known as

The main reason for encouraging farmers in Ghana to produce more cocoa is to

Which of the following is not a product of the forest zone in Ghana?

One moral value that is stressed during an outdooring and naming ceremony of a child is

The tertiary sector of the Ghanaian economy provides

The Djebobo and Torogbani mountains are located in the

Productivity in the mining sector can be increased in Ghana through

One main reason for the abolition of the slave trade was

The first African country to allow herself to be assessed under the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) was

The African Union (AU) was officially launched on 9th July, 2002 in

One problem hindering the effective functioning of District Assemblies in Ghana is

Which of the following economic activities does not cause deforestation in Ghana?

A major effect of lateness to school and work is that it

Which of the following business units raises its capital through the sale of shares?

One benefit that Ghana derives from co-operating with international bodies is