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Social Studies BECE 2012 Objectives


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Indiscipline is a problem in the Ghanaian society because it

Which of the following is a primary activity?

The Akans are believed to have migrated from

The most important symbol which identifies Ghana as an independent state is the

Which of the following diseases is caused by pollution of water bodies?

A day is either gained or lost when one moves across longitude

The most cherished value expected of an adolescent in the Ghanaian society is

Which of the following cultural practices is a drawback to development in the Ghanaian society?

The symbol on topographic maps represents

On a relief map, the colour brown usually represents

An extensive area of lowland is called a

Which of the following vegetation types is not found in Ghana?

The main type of vegetation found in the south-western part of Ghana is the

Lunar eclipse occurs when the

The type of rainfall formed by the meeting of two air masses of different temperatures is

Which of the following continents is uninhabited?

One problem created in the rural areas as a result of rural-urban drift is

Which of the following factors may cause rural-urban drift?

Asante was colonized by the British through

Right to life means

Independence of the judiciary implies that judges

One major cause of conflicts in the Ghanaian society is

The international organization formed to maintain world peace after the Second World War is known as

After independence, Ghana automatically became a member of the

The executive arm of government comprises of the President, the Cabinet and

One way of preventing ethnic conflict in Ghana is through

Family planning is beneficial to Ghanaians because it

Labour can be productively increased through

One traditional way of preserving fish in Ghana is

One factor responsible for the low rate of economic development in Ghana is

Which of the following means of saving ensures continuity of firms after suffering losses?

Travelling to see and enjoy facilities and sceneries in other places is referred to as

Workers in Ghana are required by law to contribute towards their future upkeep through

A constitution may be defined as the

An advantage of a good layout for settlement is that

One responsibility of the Ghanaian citizen is to

In order to protect one's rights, a citizen should be

Which of the following personalities was a member of the United Gold Coast Convention?

The primary function of the legislature is to

People who buy company shares receive