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Social Studies BECE 2013 Objectives


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The environment can best be described as

The social environment includes

Which of the following statements is true? The

A major environmental problem facing municipal and metropolitan assemblies in Ghana is

Adolescent reproductive health aims at providing education on

The period of adolescence is

One way of managing conflict in the Ghanaian society is

Adolescent chastity is important because it prevents

Adolescents who engage in early sex, risk

The part of one's income which is not spent is one's

During their migration, the Akan first settled at

Ethnic conflicts must be avoided because they slow down

Unity among Ghanaians can best be promoted through

Which of the following represents the earth's surface or part of it drawn to a scale?

Which of the towns in the sketch below lies directly south of Miva?

An important feature which can be used to show direction in a locality is called

The ratio between distance measured on a map and the actual distance on the ground is a

The diagram below illustrates a

If the scale of a map is 1:10,000 and the distance on the map is 20cm, then the actual distance on the ground is

The principle of checks and balances prevents

One way of sustaining unity among the ethnic groups in Ghana is by

One reason for the migration of many ethnic groups into Ghana is

Which of the following is a symbol of national unity in Ghana? The

The integrity of the nation can be defended by

Ghana lies between latitudes

To promote national unity, Ghanaians are expected to be

The people of British Togoland joined Ghana through

The Head of State of Ghana at independence in 1957 was

The process by which one country takes control of the administration of another is known as

One way by which Ghana cooperates with other countries is by

The first political event leading to the formal establishment of British colonial rule in the Gold Coast was the

To ensure their continuous survival, private enterprises must do all the following except

The rotation of the earth causes

According to the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, an individual can claim Ghanaian citizenship if

When two air masses of different temperatures meet, it results in

A child of not more than seven years of age found in Ghana, and whose parents cannot be traced is a Ghanaian by

One basic right of every Ghanaian is the right to

Which of the following can constitute human rights abuse in Ghana?

The right to life is an example of

When one behaves in an honest and just manner, one performs his/her