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Social Studies BECE 2014 Objectives


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Some Ghanaians mishandle the Cedi Notes by

A major way of spreading HIV and AIDS is through

Adolescent abstinence from sexual related activity is

The set of guidelines for governing a nation is provided by the

What a person is obliged to perform as a duty in the society constitutes his / her

The physical environment of Ghana can be protected through

Promoting national unity in Ghana greatly depends on

The most effective measure for reducing the rapid population growth in Ghana is promoting

Which of the following situations is an effect of rapid population growth in Ghana?

Pressure on social facilities in urban areas is mainly created by

Community conflicts are best settled through

Which of the following conditions is an effect of ethnic conflicts?

Government policies are implemented at the District levels by the

Maintenance of law and order in the country is the main function of the

The highest authority in the traditional area is the

Which of the following factors promotes political stability in a country?

Which of the following features is not an efficient way of sustaining political stability in a country?

Poor drainage system in our cities result in

The Poll Tax Ordinance was passed in 1852 mainly to raise money to pay salaries of

Which of the following activities is the most outstanding contribution of Ghana to the United Nations Organisation?

Which of the following international organizations is the largest financial contributor to Ghana's developmental projects?

The first political party formed in the Gold Coast was the

Which of the following settlements is a feature of a slum?

Cocoa production is classified as

Pension benefits of Ghanaian workers are managed by the

Private businesses help in developing the nation when they

The main reason for establishing state-owned enterprises is to

Landmarks are important features used in finding

The main benefit of tourism to Ghana is that it

Ethnic conflicts must be avoided because they slow down

A scale of map expressed as a ratio is known as

The integrity of the nation can be defended by

One basic right of every Ghanaian is the right to

Which of the following situations may not create instability in the Ghanaian society?

The major reason for establishing castle schools by the Europeans was to

The main reason for the abolishing of the slave trade was the

Which of the following features forms part of our social environment?

Habitats of endangered species of animals can be protected through the creation of

The most effective agency of cultural change is

The motto in Ghana's Coat of Arms is