Ahamansu Islamic Senior High

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Motto: Al-Ilmu Kuwwa (Knowledge is Power)

Accommodation: Day

Gender: Mixed
Category: C
Type: Public School

Ahamansu Islamic Senior High is one of the senior high schools in OTI Region at Ahamansu of Kadjebi district

Ahamansu in Kadjebi district of OTI Region

Ahamansu Islamic Senior High Anthem

Awards Gained:

Ahamansu Islamic Senior High School started as private high School in 2006. The Zongo Community started the school with funds from donor organisations and support of the Ahamansu Traditional Council, who offered large parcels of land to be used as campus, culminated in the establishment of the school.

Mr Eric Osei was appointed the first Headmaster of the School from 2006 to 2010. In 2010 Mr Godfried Nyarko replaced Mr. Osei as Headmaster. Mr. Nyarko immediately advised for the necessary measures to be taken to ease the financial burdens of the school and to curtail the school's over-reliance on the National Service Scheme, Ghana for teachers.

He immediately initiated the requisite processes with the help of staff and National Service Personnel, which eventually led in the absorption of the school into the public system. In 2011, officers from the Ghana Education Service Headquarters, Accra inspected the schools facilities and recommended it's absorption.

The school became a public one in the year 2012. Charlotte Agboga took over from Godfried Nyarko and became Headmistress of the school until her retirement.

Dr. Grace Lorlor Abla Bonuedi, Kadjebi District Director of Education acted as head of the school until Mr Soulemana Moru's appointment as substantive Headmaster in December 2018.

Ahamansu Islamic Senior High Programmes and Course

The school offers the programmes below in addition to this core subjects.


  • Elective Maths OR Business Maths
  • Economics
  • Costing
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Introduction to Business Management


  • Elective Maths
  • Chemistry
  • Horticulture
  • Physics

Home Economics

  • Economics
  • General Knowledge in Art
  • Management-in-Living
  • Food and Nutrition OR Clothing and Textiles
  • Chemistry
  • French

Visual Arts

  • Economics
  • General Knowledge in Art
  • Ceramics
  • Graphics
  • Picture Making

General Arts 1

  • Government or French
  • Elective Maths
  • Economics
  • Geography

General Arts 2

  • Government or French
  • Literature in English
  • History
  • Islamic Religious Studies

New pupils are admitted in September every year through a computerized system under the control of the Ghana Education Service.

The system works based on the results of an entry examination known as the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E). This examination is held for junior high schools at various centres throughout the country.

Entry Forms for the above examination are obtained from the West African Examination Council (W.A.E.C) through the headteachers of the respective junior high schools within the country. Once the computerised selection process is completed, the list of admitted students are made available by the Ghana Education Service to the school. The list is then made public through the school’s notice board.

An opportunity is given to foreign nationals wish to apply for admission into the school through a written entrance examination organised by the school.

After a student gains admission, he is given the school's official prospectus. This book helps new students about the school and all that is required of them.