Ahantaman Girls' Senior High

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Accommodation: Day,Boarding

Gender: Girls

Ahantaman Girls' Senior High is one of the senior high schools in WESTERN Region at Sekondi-Ketan of Shama Ahanta East district

Sekondi-Ketan in Shama Ahanta East district of WESTERN Region

Ahantaman Girls' Senior High Anthem

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Ahantaman Girls' Senior High was established in 1948 by a business-inclined educationist called Mr. Emmanuel Kwasi Idun. Originally, it started as Takoradi Commercial Academy near Sekondi with five(5). The school formally became known as Royal Commercial College popularly known as ROCCO.

In 1965, the Ghana Education Service absorbed the school into the secondary school system and as a result, the school changed its name to Royal Commercial Secondary School since both commercial and secondary subjects were studied, in short it was ROCSEC.

In 1980,the school adopted a name from the traditional area which came to be known as Ahantaman Secondary School. Then it became Ahantaman Senior High School and the status of the school was changed on 17 November 2010 from a co-educational institution to a single sex school and this is Ahantaman Girls’ SHS. In essence the school has different group of students: those of the Rococo days, Rosec, Ahantaman Secondary School days, Ahantaman Senior High School and Ahantaman Girls Senior High School which all fall under the same umbrella.

The School has of about one thousand five hundred students. It is both boarding and day.

Ahantaman Girls' Senior High Programmes and Course

The school offers these following programmes


Home Economics

Visual Arts

General Arts

General Science

New pupils are admitted in September every year through a computerized system under the control of the Ghana Education Service. The system works based on the results of an entry examination known as the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E). This examination is held for junior high schools at various centres throughout the country. Entry Forms for the above examination are obtained from the West African Examination Council (W.A.E.C) through the headteachers of the respective junior high schools within the country. Once the computerised selection process is completed, the list of admitted students are made available by the Ghana Education Service to the school. The list is then made public through the school’s notice board.

An opportunity is given to foreign nationals wish to apply for admission into the school through a written entrance examination organised by the school.

After a student gains admission, he is given the school's official prospectus. This book helps new students about the school and all that is required of them.