Nsaba Presby Senior High
(Nsaba Presec)

News and Info

Accommodation: Day and Boarding

Gender: Mixed
Category: B
Type: Public School

Nsaba Presby Senior High is one of the senior high schools in CENTRAL Region at Nsaba of Agona East district


To provide all students with a quality education, including effective communication, critical thinking, and relationship building skills


To ensure that all students are prepared to be productive citizens in our global society.

Nsaba in Agona East district of CENTRAL Region

Nsaba Presby Senior High Anthem

Awards Gained:

  • Nsaba Presby Senior High emerging as the champions in the first Gala Championship in 1973/1974 which was organized between Nsaba Presbyterian Secondary School, Swedru Secondary School, Breman Asikma Secondary School and Winneba Secondary School.
  • A student was adjudged the best science student in 1983 Year Group and two students also were awarded scholarship for further studies in Russia.
  • In 1990, Timothy Aidoo a student of the school won the National Essay Competition.
  • In 1997/98, Nana Eyiah, a student of the school was awarded scholarship to study Poultry in the Netherlands

History of Nsaba Presby Senior High

Nsaba Presby Senior High started as Teacher Training College in 1962, with the first Principal as Mr. Samuel Tetteh Akunnor (1962-1965 ) and the Vice Principal for the first batch Mr. Ennin. The first batch of students were thirty – five (35), and were made up of boys only.

The Senior Housemaster for the Training College first batch was Mr. Danso, who was succeeded by Mr. Moses Asumaning, an Art master who also became the first senor Housemaster for the Secondary School. The first batch of boys were in four houses, namely Henken, Isclikei, Dodow and Caesar. There was only one classroom for the of boys.

From Teachers Training College To Secondary School. In 1972, the teachers training college was changed and given a secondary school status. Products of the training college were re-absorbed as teachers in the secondary school. Some of such pioneers were Yaw Okyere (Mathematics), Enyanful Evans S.E (Geography) and the late Paul Okyere (Mathematics).

The first day of secondary life started on the 29TH of October,1972, after ten (10) years of teacher training college existence Under the Headship of Mr. E.K Caesar (1972-1976), the first batch of students of the secondary school were seventy (70) in number, consisting of fifty (50) boys and twenty (20) girls. They were put in two classes namely class A (35 students) and class B (35 students). The programmes available for study were General Art and Business.

Nsaba Presby Senior High Programmes and Course

The school offers these following programmes

Business 1

  • Economics
  • Business Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Elective Mathematics

Business 2

  • Economics
  • Business Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting

Home Economics

  • Economics/General Knowledge in Art
  • Food and Nutrition/ Clothing & Textile
  • Management in Living
  • Biology/ Chemistry

General Arts 1

  • Economics
  • Elective Mathematics
  • Geography
  • Government / Physics

General Arts 2

  • Government
  • French/Fante/Twi
  • C.R.S
  • Literature-In-English

General Arts 3

  • Government
  • French/Fante/Twi
  • Literature-In-English
  • History

General Science

  • Elective Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

New pupils are admitted in September every year through a computerized system under the control of the Ghana Education Service.

The system works based on the results of an entry examination known as the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E). This examination is held for junior high schools at various centres throughout the country.

Entry Forms for the above examination are obtained from the West African Examination Council (W.A.E.C) through the headteachers of the respective junior high schools within the country. Once the computerised selection process is completed, the list of admitted students are made available by the Ghana Education Service to the school. The list is then made public through the school’s notice board.

An opportunity is also given to foreign nationals who wish to apply for admission into the school through a written entrance examination organised by the school.

Students from other senior high school or fresh senior high school starter who wishes to continue the education at the school can also contact the school's adminstration through the contact list provided in the contact section of this page.

After a student gains admission, he is given the school's official prospectus. This book helps new students about the school and all that is required of them.