History of Ada Technical Institute

Ada Technical Institute was established in September, 1982. It is a co- educational institution with a population of about 1562 students pursuing diverse technical and business programmes.

ATI believes that every individual student has a natural talent and flair for Vocational / Technical skills development. As a result wide ranges of career programmes are offered by the institution to enable the individual make a choice for training.

Secondly, ATI believes that a student succeeds in career that interests him / her most; hence the individual is allowed room or guided by the Guidance and Counselling Officer to make an informed career or vocational choice. This has enabled hundreds of students to study and pass out successfully in the past two decades.

Now new subjects such as Math, Integrated Science, English, Social Studies, Entrepreneurial and Computer Studies (ICT) have been introduced into the course work. Ada Technical Institute is a day institution but has limited hostel accommodation facility. The teaching stuff is very qualified to train students acquire marketable skills one needs in order to secure a job.

Again the institute is privileged to have a Votech Resource Centre with machines and teaching-learning equipment comparable to any Technical Institute in the country. What accounts for the difference is ones ability to learn successfully.

Furthermore, ATI has a track record of success in the fields of physical education, games and sports. One can benefit from a school scholarship or bursary provided once performs in the event of sports and games to bring fame to the institution.

In addition, the Dangme East District Assembly has a scholarship scheme to support very brilliant but needy students of the institute.

In a competitive system, ATI stands out as a force to reckon with among the district’s second cycle institutions. Our performances in most social events have been Commendable in the past.