Programs offer at Anmchara International School


Option 1

  • financial accounting
  • principles of cost accounting
  • economics
  • business management

Home Economics

Option 1

  • economics
  • food and nutrition
  • management in living
  • general knowledge in art (gka)

Visual Arts

Option 1

  • ceramics
  • picture making
  • drawing
  • handicraft

General Arts

Option 1

  • literature in english
  • economics

Anmchara International Senior High School believes that extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports are an important piece of a student’s education and development. Anmchara students have formed a number of clubs including; A journalism and media club, a debate team, a scripture union,a wildlife club and a civic education club and new clubs are forming all the time. The students also regularly engage in football and volleyball matches.