Gomoa Gyaman Senior High ()

School Code: 0030508
Motto: Knowledge is Light
Founded: 2016
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Accommodation: Day
Gender: Mixed
Category: C
Type: Public shs

Gomoa Gyaman Senior High School is one of the Community Day SHS established across the country in 2016. It is located in Gomoa-Gyaman, about 2.7km from the district capital Gomoa Afranse. The school is guided by the principle of high academic laurels and character training of students. It was inaugurated on 29th November 2016.


To provide an enabling environment, creating equal opportunities for students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their personal goals.


To develop self-sustain institution to meet the challenging and changing needs of the society.


Gomoa Gyaman in central Region