Sunyani Business Senior High Admission Process

The school offers two main Certificate programmes begin:

  1. West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE). WASSCE results being main requirements for admission into tertiary educational institutions in Ghana.
  2. National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) Examinations. The NVTI courses prepare students for advanced courses or employment.

Eligible applicants: In brief, admission to Sunyani Business Senior High School is open to the following:

  • Junior High School (J.H.S.) leavers or Basic Education Certificate Examinations (B.E.C.E.) holders, BECE aggregate not more than 18 for direct admission. For aggregates from 19 to 24, the average performance in Mathematics, English & Science in the Entrance Exams., should not be less than 50%.
  • Current secondary school students seeking transfer from their school or a change of course
  • Past senior secondary school students who want to re-sit or divert their course. (Note that no admission is made into the final year)
  • Administrative, accounts, clerical or secretarial workers or in the formal sector may apply as matured students.

NB: 1 Admissions into SHS 2 on transfer basis, can also be gained based on the availability of vacancies and performance in an Entrance Examinations.

NB: 2 The school’s policy does not allow any admission final year.

When you have obtained the application pack, please take time to read the prospectus carefully, especially the instructions on how to complete the application form before attempting to fill the form.

After completing the application form, attach your original BECE certificate and three recently taken passport sized photographs. Then send them personally to the Admission Office, together with the fees indicated on the fees list in the pack.

You will find all the necessary information on directions to the school campus and contacts in the prospectus.

The Admission Office, on receipt of your completed application form, will check the information on the form.

Your choices, especially course or programme, form or year of entry, and residential status (day or boarding) will be assessed whether you qualify or not and you will be notified accordingly. The main determinants are the strength of your BECE or other qualification like sports skills, availability of a place, among others.

An offer of admission will then be made to you where you qualify. You shall indicate your acceptance of the offer by making payment of the fees in full (or part payment as will be agreed upon)

Thereafter, the student is expected to report to school on the date indicated on the Admission letter. The school reserves the right to withdraw and offer the place to another applicant where the original applicant fails to report on the date without notice to the office or reasonable excuse.