Abor Senior High ()

School Code: 0070503
Motto: Arise and Shine
Founded: 1965
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Accommodation: Day and Boarding
Gender: Mixed
Category: C
Type: Public shs

Abor Senior High is one of the senior high schools in VOLTA Region at Abor of Anlo Keta Municipal district.


Bringing quality education to the doorstep of people of Abor and beyond.

To provide relevant education to all Ghanaians at all levels to enable them to acquire skills that will assist them to develop their potentials and be proactive to facilitate poverty reduction and promote socioeconomic growth and national develop


To achieve excellence in the provision of high quality per-tertiary education to her students, availing them the opportunity to further training in tertiary institutions to be able to fit into the job market and earn a decent living.


Abor in volta Region