Tanyigbe Senior High (TASHS)

School Code: 0070112
Founded: 1991
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Accommodation: Day and Boarding
Gender: Mixed
Category: B
Type: Public shs

Tanyigbe Senior High is a community based school, established on 28th January, 1991 with a population of fifteen (15) students and two (2) National Service Personnel. It was however fully absorbed by the government of Ghana with boarding facilities. The school is located 10km away the eastern part of Ho and on the Ho-Tokokoe road.


The motto for this noble institution is ‘Uli Vevie’. This is an Ewe expression meaning ‘Strive Hard’. It implies that when one comes to this school to offer any of the three courses one should not expect success on silver platter, rather, one should work very hard to achieve it.


The mission of the school is to provide quality Secondary education for students of this community. To provide quality teaching and learning environment that will equip students with basic life skills and vocations to make them whole. This will be done through:

  •  Ensuring that the fundamental objectives of the school and curriculum are achieved
  •  Improving the infrastructure and providing a healthy school environment
  •  Recruitment and retention of the best staff
  •  Creating a motivating environment for teaching and learning
  •  Adapting teaching methods to the needs of students
  •  Frequent organization of in-service training to sharpen the skills of teachers and to bring them to be abreast of current trends in the teaching profession
  •  The improvement of positive teacher-student relationship


To become a beacon of hope for the underprivileged people of this community. To be a school of academic excellence capable of providing quality education to meet the aspiration of all stakeholders. To churn out people who will be beneficial to the community and the society they find themselves in. To develop infrastructure for conducive learning environment.