Legacy Girls College (LGC)

School Code: 0021510
Motto: Make your mark, Leave a legacy
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Accommodation: Boarding
Gender: Girls
Category: F
Type: Private shs

Legacy Girls College is one of the senior high schools in EASTERN Region at Akuse of Lower Manya Krobo district.


To nurture the immense potential of girls to be whatever they want to be in a fast changing and increasingly complex world.


No development strategy is better than one that involves women as central players. It has immediate benefits for nutrition, health, savings, and reinvestment at the family, community, and ultimately, country level. In other words, educating girls is a social development policy that works. A long-term investment yields an exceptionally high return. We need those with power to change things, to come together in an alliance for girls' education: governments, voluntary progressive groups, and above all, local communities, schools, and families" Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General, World Education Forum, 2000.

Legacy's vision is inspired by these words by Kofi Anna

Legacy Girls College Anthem

All hail Legacy Girls’ College
The school we love and cheer
All hail Legacy Girls’ College
Our hope and pride to be

Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence, Ambition,
Determination I READ
Make your mark, Leave a legacy at LGC

Lift high the flag of LGC
And make her great and strong
Let us resound her praise again
Our love and joy to be

All praise and glory be to God
Our Lord, maker and friend
We pray Thee Lord to give us grace
To leave a legacy