Okuapeman Senior High Admission Process

Students are admitted to SHS 1 each acadamic year through the Basic Education Certificate Examination conducted by the West African Examinations Council. Placement however is through the Computerized School Selection and Placement System.

Files or Items to be submitted for Admission

Admission Items Quantity
Photocopies of BECE Result Slip 2
Placement form endorsed by Basic School Head 1
Photocopies of Birth/Baptismal Certificate 2
Passport-size Photographs of studuent 3
Passport-size Photograph of parent/ guardian 1
An active NHIS card

General Items to be brought to school

General Items Quantity
House Coat / Morning Coat 1
Night Dresses (Pajamas / night-gown) 2
Bed Sheet 1
Towels 2
Rain Coat / Umbrella 1
Blankets (for spreading and sleeping) 2
Pair of Bathroom Sandals 1
Pillow and a students size mattress covered with mackintosh 1
Sleeping Cloth (not less than 4 meters) 1
Toothpaste, net sponge, comb, mirror and blade
Electric iron (3 pin plug) 1
Metal bucket 1
Brooms (very essential) 1 long (local / plastic) and 1 short (local) 2
Pair of black tennis canvas with white socks 1
White round neck T-Shirts 2
Black short with with white stripes at the side for P.E 1
Face towels
Shoe cleaning materials ( polish, brush)
Black track trousers 1
Round neck T-shirt of your house color for grounds work 2
Set of cutlery ( teaspoon, table spoon, fork and knife) 1
Pair of 555 metal plate 1
Plastic Cups 2
Metal trunk or Suitcase 1
Jute Bag (Ghana must go) 1
Torchlight with batteries 1
Scrubbing brush, gutter brush, ceiling brush ( One of each brush ) 1
Cutlass, padlock and rake - one each 1
30 meter nylon drying line and pegs
Water bottle
A sewing kit ( needles, threads, buttons, etc.)
Black leather watch 1
Pair of black leather slippers to be worn after school 2
Black lunch bag 1
Used towel / Long mop (for mopping) 1
Pair of black socks 2
De-wormer ( Zentel )
Medium sized disinfectant ( Detol / Camel ) and washing powder 1
Overall coat for Agric / Students ( White ) 1
Bottle of mouth wash, hand sanitizer, nose masks, roll-ons, shaving sticks, t-rolls
Bottle of bleach ( parazone / power zone) 1
Glucometer with strips for diabetic patients
Ventolin and Ventolin Nebules ( 5mg ) for Asthmatic patients

Items for boys only

Boys Items Quantity
White Trousers and White long sleeve shirts, black flying tie ( for church ) 2
Dark Brown Trousers ( Long to the ankle ) 2
Light brown short sleeve shirts 2
Panties and singlets
Pair of black shoe for church 1
Pair of black sandals for classes 2
Pair of black leather slippers to be worn after school 2
Black belts 2

Items for boys only

Girls Items Quantity
Brown Check Dresses to be worn after school 2
Pink Dresses for church service 2
Brassieres ( if necessary )
Pair of black flat shoe for church 1
Pair of black sandals for classes 2
Pair of black leather slippers to be worn after school 2
Sanitary Pads 3
Cotton Panties
Vest ( Petty coat ) / chemise or waist slip 2
Old newspapers for wrapping used menstrual pad


  1. All article must be well marked i.e full name should be clearly written on all articles. ( Not initials )
  2. No jewellery, gold necklace, dangling earrings, finger rings, false nails, strong perfumes should be brought to school.
  3. No articles other than the prescribed ones should be brought to school.
  4. Radio, mp3 players, water heater, rechargeabe lamps are not allowed.
  5. No chemical in the hair.
  6. Mobile Phones are not allowed. Any student found possessing one will lose it and be sanctioned
  7. All students must keep their hairs at 1/4 inch long.