History of Okuapeman Senior High

The idea of building a co-educational institution such as Achimota or on the model of English Private Schools struck and greatly obsessed Mr. Opoku Akyeampong in 1955.

Finally he decided to site his school on top the beautiful hills beyond the stream called ‘Nyadabi’. With zeal he made the necessary contacts, saw the Omanhene -(paramount Chief), the Akuapem State Council, and the real owners of the land, the nature of which he admired so much, acquired it, and built his school.

He later invited some eminent people from all the divisional wings of the Akuapem State -Adonten, Gyaase, Nifa, Benkum and an expatriate woman Miss I.M. Anderson M.A. then Headmistress of Aburi Girls Secondary School to become members of the Board of Governors and attend the first board meeting. This, they did and twelve people in all including the founder who acted as chairman were present.

Having built it he adequately equipped the Okuapemman School; notably dormitories were furnished with vono spring iron beds and kept Mattresses, (here it is very interesting to note that students of this school were the first to enjoy using such comfortable beds in the Gold Coast (Ghana) when he formally opened it on the 8th of February, 1957. It had a population of 182 pupils, 159 boys and 2 girls in forms one to three. The pioneer teachers were only 6. The school started to run sixth form course in 1963.