History of St. Hubert Seminary Senior High, Kumasi

St. Hubert Seminary was opened on September 30, 1970 by Most Rev. Peter Kwasi Sarpong, the fourth Diocesan Bishop of Kumasi. The seminary was named after the first Kumasi Diocesan Bishop Most Rev.

HUBERT PAULISSEN, S.M.A.Upon assumption of office in March 1970,Bishop Sarpong opened St. Hubert Seminary in September 1970 and appointed his Vicar General, Very Rev. Fr. Robert Mensah Abrampah,(1970 – 1973) former chaplain of Opoku Ware School, also as the first Rector of the infant seminary.

In 1995, Archbishop Sarpong, responding to the needs of Catholic parents opened up the school to admit a limited number of students as non-seminarians. All the non-seminarians were Catholics and also non-residential students. A second stream was thus created TO OFFER HOLISTIC EXCELLENT CATHOLIC EDUCATION for other boys who just wanted a good catholic secondary education for the secular world.

It is the success of the expanded vision and mission of offering quality catholic education to non-seminarians that grew to the policy of partnership with government at St. Hubert.

In 2005, the school joined the public education system to partner government in secondary education. About 50 acres of the original diocesan seminary land was earmarked for the development of the expanded vision of St. Hubert. In the partnership, St. Hubert still remains the bona fide property of the Archdiocese of Kumasi under its management but opens its facilities to public use.